Arsenale Dataplane

Powerful and intuitive Jira reporting for managers.

Arsenale® Dataplane™ is designed for metrics-focused technical, product and project managers who require sophisticated charting and analysis of KPIs and trends in their Jira data.  

The Dataplane data engine unlocks the power of Jira project and issue history, allowing you to reach back in time and look at historical trends, chart the timing of transitions, analyze issue links, and evaluate project and team performance. 

Dataplane's intuitive interface gets you from question to answer incredibly fast. Even non-technical users can easily produce rich and actionable reports in seconds.

With Jira Data Center compatibility, Arsenale Dataplane also enjoys all of the benefits of high availability, distributed load, and redundancy that come with the core Jira application.

Download your free 30-day trial today from Atlassian Marketplace.

Dataplane includes translations for English, German and Japanese.

Arsenale is an Atlassian-certified Top Vendor app, and Dataplane is a standard 100% Java and Jira-native plugin. It requires no external configuration, no extra databases, no other tools or services, and all data stays behind your firewall.

Dataplane in Action

In under five minutes, see how Arsenale Dataplane will start saving you hours every week.

Dozens of Built-In, Ready-to-Run Jira Reports

Track Jira issue trends, inter-project links, work logged and much more

Rich, Interactive Report Visualizations

Create data-rich, graphical reports across multiple Jira projects or categories

Slice and Dice Your Jira Data 

Segment report results by any combination of Jira issue fields for drill-down analysis

Intuitive Report Configuration & Logical Time Periods

Rapidly customize reports with type-ahead field selection, drag-and-drop selections and business-friendly time options

Evaluate Team Performance

Track Jira issue status transition times, inquiry response times and SLA performance

Customize and Save Reports

Build your own directory of customized Jira reports that can be run with a single click

Share Reports Across the Organization

Give other team members the ability to run and copy your customized Jira reports

All Your Favorite Reports, Easily Accessible

Flag your most-used reports and find them all in one, easily-searchable place

Lightning Fast Search of Results Data

Search results using real-time filtering to focus rapidly on the important numbers

Instant Export to PDF, CSV and Excel

Export reports to pristine PDF for sharing, or to CSV or Excel files for additional analysis

Licensing and Pricing

Arsenale Dataplane comes with a free 30-day trial, and is available for download and purchase on Atlassian Marketplace.

Documentation and Support

Visit our product support pages for complete Dataplane user and admin documentation.

Arsenale Dataplane is backed by the responsive Arsenale Support team.

If you encounter any challenges, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to solve your issues.

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