License Terms

Your Arsenale product license:

  • must match the license size of your Atlassian product (Confluence, Jira) installation
  • has no expiration date. Your license for the current version of the Arsenale product purchased is a one time purchase with no annual renewal required.
  • includes 12 months of direct Arsenale Support and product updates (including all available product patches and upgrades)
  • is valid for one production server (or one production cluster, in the case of Data Center-enabled licenses)
  • permits you to use the product on as many non-production servers or clusters (such as staging, test and development servers) as you need to do your job. Developer licenses for our products can be obtained directly from the Atlassian Marketplace.

To continue receiving direct Arsenale Support and product updates after 12 months:

  • you may purchase a 12 month extension of direct Arsenale Support and product updates. The cost for this annual renewal of support and maintenance is 50% of the price of a new license at the time of renewal purchase. All renewal periods begin on the expiration date of the previous support and maintenance period, regardless of the date the renewal is actually purchased. For example, if your existing support and maintenance expires on April 10, and you purchase a renewal on June 15, your support and maintenance will continue through April 10 of the following year.

For all additional license terms, review the Arsenale End User License Agreement.

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