Legacy 10/25 User Free Licenses

Free 10- and 25-user licenses are no longer available.

As of 2016-11-22, Lockpoint is now sold exclusively through Atlassian and it is available for purchase through the Atlassian Marketplace. If you have an existing free 10-user or 25-user license, you are welcome to continue to use it for as long as you want for no charge, but no new free 10 or 25-user licenses are available.

Unfortunately, the Atlassian Marketplace does not permit free license tiers and we are unable to continue offering lower tiers at no charge. Of course, a free 30-day evaluation license for Lockpoint will always be available through the Marketplace.

If you wish to maintain access to Arsenale Support and updates after your existing license expires, please note that a free license is not considered a paid commercial license and it cannot be renewed directly. In order to maintain support/updates access at the 10-user or 25-user tier, you would need to purchase a new 10 or 25-user license.

If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact us at Arsenale Support.

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