Arsenale Lockpoint

The enterprise standard for checkout, checkin and controlled versioning of Confluence attachments.

Arsenale Lockpoint allows you to lock Confluence attachments while making changes, enabling exclusive editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents as well as Gliffy diagrams and Balsamiq Mockups.

Lockpoint comes with a free 30-day evaluation license, after which you may purchase a commercial license for continued use.

View our demo video and write-up on Advanced Confluence Document Management to see why thousands of enterprise development teams, project managers and product managers worldwide use Arsenale Lockpoint for mission-critical document management in Confluence.

Lockpoint works seamlessly with:

  • all file types via the attachments page, drag-and-drop attachments and the attachments macro,
  • Edit in Office of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files - one click of Edit in Office automatically locks the document for exclusive edits and launches Microsoft Office to make changes, and automatically unlocks the document when saved,
  • Edit in Office of Microsoft Visio and Project files for Internet Explorer users,
  • Balsamiq Mockups with edit-in-place controls for locking/unlocking your Mockups,
  • Gliffy diagrams with edit-in-place controls for locking/unlocking your diagrams, and
  • WebDAV - turn Confluence into a desktop-mounted, lockable document repository.

Arsenale Lockpoint is also a crucial Confluence add-on for teams migrating from Microsoft SharePoint who continue to need exclusive document editing.

Arsenale Lockpoint is a certified Atlassian Verified add-on, and a standard 100% Java and Confluence-native plugin. It requires no external configuration, no extra databases, no other tools or services, and all data stays behind your firewall.

Lockpoint includes translations for English, German, French, Japanese and Russian.

Lockpoint in Action

In under three minutes, see how Arsenale Lockpoint will save you hours on Confluence document management.

Tour through features and common use cases for Arsenale Lockpoint with the product's lead developer.


The following screenshots demonstrate Arsenale Lockpoint in action. If you have any questions about usage, see our product documentation or ask us a question.

Feature showcase

View files through the Attachments macro

Expanding a file in the Attachments macro to lock or unlock

Inline locking for Gliffy documents and Balsamiq Mockups


Click the Notify Me button to be notified by email when another user unlocks an attachment


Inline lock status for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with View Document macros

Configurable email notifications

Enabling or disabling Lockpoint on a space-by-space basis, as well as configuring Lockpoint Administrators


Microsoft Word 2003 opening a WebDAV document locked by another user

System Requirements

Arsenale Lockpoint is a Confluence add-on that supports Confluence 3.5 and above in a Java 6+ environment. Please see the detailed system requirements in the product documentation for a full list of supported versions and environments pertaining to each specific version of Lockpoint.

Documentation and Support

Visit our product support pages for complete Lockpoint user and admin documentation.

Arsenale Lockpoint is backed by the responsive Arsenale Support team.

If you encounter any challenges, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to solve your issues.

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