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Microsoft SQL Server Resources

This section describes requirements and resources that apply to Dataplane 1.7 and below only. These instructions and the CLR installation are not necessary for Dataplane 1.8 and above.

If your back-end database is Microsoft SQL Server and you use Dataplane 1.7 or below, you must install the ArsenaleStringUtils package in your SQL Server instance. This DLL creates a user-defined function needed in order for some reports to function correctly. These steps are not required for any other database.

For complete installation instructions, see the Database Configuration section of the Arsenale Dataplane documentation.

The source code for this function is provided below, as well as a pre-compiled DLL.

File Description
ArsenaleStringUtils.cs source for for Dataplane-required CLR function (based on a MSDN example)
ArsenaleStringUtils.dll precompiled CLR function for SQL Server 2008/x86 and .NET 3.5

Linux Font Installation (Optional)

Dataplane can optionally make use of custom fonts so that chart titles and text are rendered more smoothly. These changes are required for Dataplane 2.0 and below only. Dataplane 2.1+ does not require any manual font installation.

Additionally, if your JIRA application server runs Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X (even with Dataplane 2.0 or below), you do not need to install these font files. Dataplane will automatically select the right fonts for optimal chart rendering. 

If your JIRA application server runs Linux, for the best font rendering copy the following TTF font files to your JRE font directory. For example, on RedHat Enterprise Linux, your JRE font directory directory is usually located at /usr/java/default/jre/lib/fonts/. Once you have copied the appropriate fonts to the JRE font directory, you must restart JIRA for the changes to take effect.

You can still use Dataplane without performing the above step, but the smooth text rendering will not appear until you have done so. It is also fine to copy the TTF files to the font directory now and defer the JIRA restart until a later date.

File Description

TTF font files (Lato) for Dataplane 1.0 - 2.0 (only).

Users of Dataplane 2.1+ do not need to install these files.

SIL Open Font License 1.1.txt font license (applies to both Source Sans Pro and Lato)


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