Confluence Compatibility

The following table shows the Arsenale Lockpoint releases that are compatible with your Confluence Server version.

If you are using Confluence Data Center or Confluence Clustered, please also see the Confluence Data Center compatibility section below for important details.

Compatible Lockpoint
Compatible Lockpoint
6.111.7 - - 1.5.4
6.2 - - 1.7.3


1.3.0 - 1.5.4 - - 1.5.3 - - 1.4.6 - 1.0.0 - 1.4.5 - - 1.3.4 - - 1.3.0 - - 1.3.0 - - 1.3.0 - 1.6.8oldern/a - 1.6.7 - 1.6.4 - 1.6.4  
5.1.5 11.4.5 - 1.6.4  
5.1 - - 1.6.4 - 1.6.0  

1 In Confluence 5.1.5, a Confluence bug (CONF-30346CONF-30556) severely impacts the functioning of the Atlassian Attachments macro, as well as the ability to comment or use Lockpoint operations on any page containing that macro. For Lockpoint to work correctly with 5.1.5, you must update the Atlassian Attachments plugin as described in the "Workaround solution" section of CONF-30346.

Note: a security notice applies to all versions of Lockpoint prior to 1.4.3. We strongly recommend upgrading to 1.4.3 or newer if possible. Please see Lockpoint Security Notice 20130403 for more details.

Confluence Cloud

Arsenale Lockpoint is not compatible with Confluence Cloud.

Lockpoint is compatible with Confluence Server only, which is the downloaded and self-hosted version of Confluence.

Confluence Cloud (formerly known as Confluence OnDemand) supports only a limited set of plugin points and it is not compatible with Lockpoint.

If you want to use Lockpoint but you do not want to host Confluence yourself, you may wish to consider using a third-party hosting service (such as Seibert Media's SWIFT) that hosts Confluence but still permits you to install any add-on of your choice (including Lockpoint).

Confluence Data Center and Confluence Clustered

Arsenale Lockpoint supports various types of clustered Confluence operation based on the following version compatibility. Support for the Confluence Data Center Read Only Mode is provided with Lockpoint 1.7 and higher only.

Clustering TypeCompatible Lockpoint
Confluence Data Center1.6.0+
Confluence Clustered (legacy) 11.1.0 - 1.5.5

1 Lockpoint 1.6.0 and newer do not support the legacy Confluence Clustered environment under any circumstances, even if Confluence Clustered is supported by the versions of Confluence with which those Lockpoint versions are compatible.

Confluence App Compatibility

Arsenale Lockpoint has direct integrations with, and is regularly tested for compatibility with, the following Confluence apps:

  • Gliffy
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Drag and Drop Plugin
  • Office Connector
  • WebDAV

Lockpoint is also compatible with most other 3rd-party Confluence apps.

If you experience any compatibility issues between Lockpoint and a 3rd-party Confluence app, please contact Arsenale Support so we can help resolve the issue.

Java Compatibility

Java Version

Compatible Lockpoint

Java SE 81.6.0+
Java SE 71.3.4 - 1.6.12
Java SE 61.0.0 - 1.5.5
J2SE - 1.3.0

Application Server Compatibility


Application Server

Compatible Lockpoint

Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat - 1.6.0

Web Browser Compatibility

OSBrowserBrowser VersionSpecial RequirementsUnsupported Features
WindowsInternet Explorer11+

Requires Confluence 5.4.3 or higher. Earlier versions of Confluence do not support IE11.

 Internet Explorer10- 
 Internet Explorer8 - 9IE8/9 are EOL and Lockpoint 1.6.12 is the last version of Lockpoint that supports these versions of IE.1
Inline MS Visio/Project locking

Chrome 50+, Confluence 5.9+ and Office 2010 SP2 or higher is required to use Edit in Office.

MS Visio & MS Project locking require Confluence 6.11+ and Lockpoint 1.7+
Edit in Office
 ChromeAllChrome 50+, Confluence 5.9+ and Office 2010 SP2 or higher is required to use Edit in Office.MS Visio & MS Project locking require Confluence 6.11+ and Lockpoint 1.7+

1 For Confluence 6.11 and above, Lockpoint supports automatic locking of all file types without limitation through Edit in App, including Microsoft Project and Visio files. For Confluence 6.10 and below, which supplies the older Edit in Office functionality, Lockpoint may not be able to support Microsoft Project across all possible combinations of Windows software, as Edit in Office support for Project and Visio locking depends heavily on both the browser and the operating system. In particular, Microsoft Project 2010 in conjunction with Windows 7 is known to cause problems with documents being opened as read-only and with documents that fail to lock automatically. In such cases, the documents can be locked manually and downloaded using the standard Confluence download feature; alternatively, you may upgrade to Confluence 6.11 to use these files with Edit in App support.

In Confluence 6.11 and higher, Atlassian's Edit in App feature, which replaces the old Edit in Office, is supported natively by Lockpoint for all file types, browsers and operating systems.

For Confluence 6.10 and below, Confluence's Edit in Office feature is provided by the Atlassian Office Connector, so Lockpoint's support for Edit in Office with specific browsers and Office applications is limited by the support matrix of the Atlassian Office Connector.


WebDAV Client Compatibility

Arsenale Lockpoint includes WebDAV file locking support, and Lockpoint is compatible with most WebDAV clients. 

If you experience problems with a particular WebDAV client, please contact Arsenale Support so we can help resolve the issue.

The following Microsoft Office applications have been explicitly tested with Arsenale Lockpoint.

OSApplicationCompatible Lockpoint
WindowsMS PowerPoint 20131.5.5+
 MS Excel 20131.5.5+
 MS Word 20131.5.5+
 MS PowerPoint 20101.0.0+
 MS Excel 20101.0.0+
 MS Word 20101.0.0+
 MS Visio 20031.1.0+
 MS Project 20031.1.0+
 MS Excel 20031.0.0+
 MS Word 20031.0.0+
MacOSMS Excel:mac 2008 11.0.0+
 MS Word:mac 20081.0.0+

1 Lockpoint itself functions properly with Excel:mac 2008, although underlying issues with the Office Connector can cause Excel to be unable to re-save existing files to Confluence through WebDAV. This problem exists even without Lockpoint installed, so we recommend using caution with Excel:mac 2008 in a Confluence environment.

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