Configuring Lockpoint

Arsenale Lockpoint provides global, Confluence-wide configuration options, and space-specific configuration options.

See the following pages for complete details:

Global Configuration

Use Lockpoint's global configuration options to:

  • enable or disable Lockpoint by default across all spaces
  • configure the view of attachment owners in the Attachments macro
  • administer Arsenale-issued Lockpoint licenses
Space Configuration

Use Lockpoint's space-specific configuration options to:

  • enable or disable Lockpoint in the space
  • display and manage locked attachments across the space
  • define Lockpoint Administrators for the space
  • configure email notifications based on attachment locking events
  • configure automatic unlock timeouts

Lockpoint Licensing

Prior to Lockpoint v1.6.9, Lockpoint licenses were only available for purchase from Arsenale.

With the release of Lockpoint v1.6.9, all Lockpoint purchasing—including new licenses and renewals of support and maintenance—is now handled by Atlassian via Atlassian Marketplace or your My Atlassian account, and Lockpoint can run with either an Atlassian-issued or Arsenale-issued license.

See Licensing and Updates for full details on Lockpoint license administration.

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