Gliffy/Balsamiq Mockups and Lockpoint

For Gliffy versions earlier than 4.0, and Balsamiq Mockups versions earlier than 2.2.5, the Gliffy and Mockup macros will display text Lock to Edit and Unlock links next to the document when viewing the page, which permits access to the Edit link used to modify the underlying document.

For Gliffy 4.0+ and Balsamiq Mockups 2.2.5+, documents are edited directly within the Confluence editor, and they can be locked and unlocked from within the editor. After clicking on a Gliffy diagram or Mockup, the editor toolbar appears. Click on Lock to Edit to immediately lock the document, and then on Edit to launch the Gliffy or Mockups editor. When finished editing, the same editor toolbar can be used to unlock the document.

If a document is already locked by another user, Gliffy and Mockups documents will display an appropriate message and indicate the user who has locked the document.

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