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This report shows how long a set of issues spent, on average, within a certain set of statuses, plotted against the date the issue was created. Equivalent statuses can be placed in the same group in order to be combined and plotted in the same series. At least one status group (containing at least one status) must be supplied, and statuses may not be duplicated within groups. More than one status group can be specified to show multiple series on the same chart. Results are shown as the average number of hours that statuses spent within the group over their lifetime.

To report on the actual transition times (instead of the total time spent in the status), see also the Time from Status to Status Report and Time to Next Status Report reports.

Common Uses

This report can be used to show how long a set of issues spent in a development queue or in QA. For example, if your workflow includes two statuses to show time spent in (or waiting for) QA, such as "Awaiting QA" and "In Test", both of these statuses could be added to the first status group in order to show the total average time spent in any of the QA statuses. To show time spent in development as a second series on the same chart, statuses such as "In Progress" can be added to the second status group.

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