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For team members who do not use Jira, or for creating a common team or program dashboard in Confluence, you can add any saved Dataplane report to a Confluence page.

When displayed in Confluence, Dataplane reports have the same real-time results and interactivity as they do on a Jira dashboard.

To display a report in Confluence, you must first have created a report in Dataplane, and also saved and shared the report with the required user groups.

Adding a Dataplane Report to Confluence

To begin, establish an Application Link between Jira and Confluence. Both servers must use the same set of usernames.

Next, follow Atlassian's instructions to add to Confluence the gadget feed for the Arsenale Dataplane Report Jira gadget

By default, Confluence will time out if a report takes more than a few seconds to load. The symptoms are Confluence displaying a "loading" bar for a few seconds, followed by a completely blank gadget. This default timeout is 15 seconds for Confluence 5.x and only 5 seconds for Confluence 6.0 and above. Most users will want to follow the steps in our FAQ to increase this timeout.

Additionally, if using Jira 6.2.4 or below, a Jira bug requires that you disable gzip compression in order for the gadget to function properly.

Depending on your specific versions of Confluence and Jira, some additional fine-tuning may be required to work around various Atlassian bugs. If you experience problems with blank gadgets, PermissionException errors, or excess authentication prompts, please see our gadget FAQ entries for additional troubleshooting help.


After registering the gadget feed with Confluence, you can add an Arsenale Dataplane Report macro into any Confluence page from the macro browser. To do this, you can use type-ahead completion by typing "{dataplane" directly into the Confluence editor, and then select Arsenale Dataplane Report from the dropdown. Alternatively, you can also click the "+" icon on the toolbar, select Other Macros, and search for "Arsenale Dataplane".

The gadget can then be configured the same way as it is configured in Jira. Select a saved Dataplane report from the "Report" dropdown in the preview window, click Save in the preview window, and then click Insert in the bottom right corner of the dialog to add the report to your page. Note that your Jira and Confluence must have a mutual trust relationship enabled (as described in the Atlassian instructions at the beginning of this section) for Dataplane gadgets to work properly in Confluence.

In Confluence, do your gadgets display an authentication prompt, a PermissionException, or are they blank?

Do you need other help troubleshooting Dataplane gadgets in Confluence?

Depending on your specific versions of Confluence and Jira, some fine-tuning may be required to work around various Atlassian bugs. Please see our gadget FAQ entry for troubleshooting help.

Permissions for Gadgets in Confluence

When Confluence is linked to Jira using Application Links, users will see Jira data using the same set of permissions as if the user had logged into Jira directly with the same username.

If you have configured your Confluence and Jira instances to be accessible to anonymous users (those who have not logged in), the anonymous users will be able to see Dataplane reports on Confluence pages so long as the reports have the correct sharing permissions.

To make a report available to an anonymous user, the Dataplane report must be shared with "Everyone", and the underlying filters must be shared with all users (and the underlying projects must grant browse access to all users as well).

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