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Creating a New Report

To select a report in Arsenale Dataplane, from Jira's top-level navigation, simply click on Dataplane Reports, then Reports, and then New Report to see a directory of available reports.

Each report in the report directory includes a brief description of the report and an example thumbnail image of the report type. To choose a report, click on the report title or the associated Select button.

By default, Dataplane will display the complete list of report types. To further refine your report selection, you can also click one of the report categories below New Report.

Additionally, using the Search control in the top right corner, you can search for a specific report type within the currently-selected category.

The following report categories are available:


AllDisplays all reports supported by Dataplane, including all of the reports in the categories below.

Advanced Reports are for power users who want maximum control over report configuration and assumptions about issue lifecycle or Jira configuration. These reports are the basis for most other reports in Dataplane, providing the ultimate flexibility in reporting.

All of the reports that were available in Dataplane 1.3 and lower are available in the Advanced category.

Current MetricsCurrent Metrics reports are used for taking a snapshot status of your projects and programs. These reports return results based only on the current values of issue fields. No historical field values are used.
Service PerformanceService Performance reports focus on the responsiveness of your teams to processing and responding to customer or client requests.
Team PerformanceTeam Performance reports give you tools to analyze the velocity, productivity, work loads and responsiveness of your project teams and team members.

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