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Adds new report categories and reports, the ability to favorite reports, enable/disable for report statistics, in-browser multi-column table sorting, new date ranges in Time Period dropdown, and JIRA 6.1 milestone support

August 21, 2013

New Features

  • Report categories: new reports are now organized by category, making it easier for new and existing users alike to find the reports that they need. Report categories include: Advanced, Current Metrics, Service Performance, and Team Performance. (Even more categories and reports are coming in future releases!)

  • New reports : support for a first new set of reports that permit easy selection and configuration of commonly-used reports. (Power users: all of the highly-configurable Dataplane reports that you have come to love are now available in the "Advanced" category!) The new reports with easy configuration are: Closure Time, Current Issue Assignees, Current Issue Affects Versions, Current Issue Components, Current Issue Fix Versions, Current Issue Priorities, Current Issue Reporters, Current Issue Resolutions, Current Issue Security Levels, Current Issue Statuses, Issue Reporters by Date, and Resolution Time.
  • Favorite reports : you can now mark a report as a favorite by clicking the star next to the report name, and then access all of your frequently-used reports from the "Favorites" tab in the report directory.
  • Configurable statistics display : the display of statistics can now be enabled or disabled on a report-by-report basis using the new "More Options" in the top right corner of the configuration page. The resulting Show Statistics option can be used to indicate which statistics, if any, should be displayed at the top of reports. This option can be used to hide the statistics in reports in which they are not relevant, or to make more room for data in your dashboard gadget.
  • Browser-based multi-column data sorting : tabular report data can now be sorted by multiple columns in the browser. For example, to see a table sorted by Month and then by a descending number of issues within each month, click the "Month" column header, and then hold down Shift and click the "# Issues" column header to sort by the second column. The first click will sort by an ascending number of issues, so keep Shift held down and click the # Issues header again to sort in descending order. Users can click and sort on an arbitrary number of columns simultaneously.
  • More time periods : the Time Period dropdown now also supports time intervals of the last 7, 14, and 30 days
  • JIRA 6.1 : compatibility with the JIRA 6.1 milestone testing releases (6.1-m05+)

Additional Improvements

  • If a custom field is added to JIRA while Dataplane is running, pressing the "Sync Index" button on the Dataplane configuration will cause Dataplane to rescan the list of custom fields and make the new custom field available to Dataplane.


  • Fixed incorrectly-ordered rows in some types of PDF and CSV/Excel exports
  • Fixed incompatibility with localized versions of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Some reports and chart outputs were showing off-by-one errors for the dates or months in the chart, which occurred when the user profile's time zone was different from the server time zone
  • Dataplane now sets up the correct list of group permissions on the first install, even if the system does not use "jira-administrators" and "jira-users" as standard groups.

Note that the new "Current xxxxx" reports introduced in this release are not currently available through the Dataplane Labs "Dashboard Gadget" feature. This restriction will be removed in a future release of Dataplane.

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