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Maintenance release

June 6, 2013


  • fixed Java 7 compatibility issue that blocked report exports. Exporting a report when running JIRA on Java 7 resulted in the following error: "com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.ObjectAccessException: Cannot construct com.arsenalesystems.dataplane.bx as it does not have a no-args constructor".
  • fixed PostgreSQL-specific issue. Including the Sprint field in a report would cause the following error when JIRA's running on a PostgreSQL database: "Internal Application Error class Could not perform query due to database error: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation 'ao_60db71_sprint'".
  • fixed Cancel button responsiveness issue. After clicking the Run Report button, clicking the Cancel button to terminate the request did not work and displayed an HTTP 500 error message. The Cancel button now properly cancels any long-running Run Report request and no error message is shown.
  • removed superfluous error message when loading Reports directory. When loading the Reports directory page, if a Select button was clicked on the Create Report panel before the list of saved reports was loaded, an "Internal Server Error" message would be shown. This was not an actual error condition, and the error message is no longer displayed.



Streamlined report and save UIs, JIRA 6 support, export to Excel, expanded support for native and custom fields, enhanced internationalization support and more.

May 29, 2013

New Features

  • Support for JIRA 6

    • minimum system requirements are now JIRA 5.0.1 to JIRA 6.x
    • Dataplane may also be installed on JIRA 5.0.0, so long as the Atlassian UPM is upgraded to the most recent version before installing Dataplane.
  • New report UI

    • new interface gives you easier and faster navigation between report configuration options, results and results data, and access to Export and Save from any report view
    • the "Download" button has been renamed to "Export"
  • New Save UI
    • faster report saving:  in the new Save UI, a single click on the Save button saves all pending changes to an existing report without any intermediate dialogs
    • click the right-side arrow on the Save combo button to reveal additional save options, such as "Save As". 
  • Export to Excel
    • export any report directly to an Excel .xls-format file via the new Export -> Excel Format option
    • added a "Period Start" (or "Date", as appropriate) date-type column for historical report exports to enable standard date-based sorting within Excel
  • Expanded native and custom fields  support

    • added support for segmenting reports by the historical value of Date custom fields.  A Dataplane reindex is required if you want to use these.
    • added support for text custom fields to most reports
    • added support for segmenting by Issue Security Level
    • added support for segmenting by Project Category in most reports, and including Project Category as a column in Issue Worklog and Issues Table reports
    • added support for by Component, Fix Version, Affects Version and Labels (note *many:1 issue)
    • added support for JIRA Agile (GreenHopper) Sprint and Epic fields
    • Issues Table Report now supports custom select fields, cascading select fields, user picker, group picker, date picker and float fields.
    • Issues Work Log now supports the Summary field
    • Issue Key is now a standard Segment By option
  • Report enhancements
    • Issues Work Log report results now also show a stat summary
  • Internationalization enhancements
    • added localized display and sorting of numeric data for France, French Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Russia and other former Soviet Republics
    • PDF output is automatically sized to either 8.5x11" or A4 based on the user's region
  • Additional DB support
    • added support for SQL Server 2005
  • Index syncing
    • new "Sync Index" admin button synchronizes Dataplane with any programmatic or other non-UI-based changes to JIRA issues, such as use of the JIRA Importers add-on.

Additional Improvements

  • exports of issue dates (such as the Created and Assignee dates) now include only the date and not the time
  • table output on the "Data" tab can now be viewed using the entire width of your browser window
  • CSV exports now always produce dates in ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd). Excel exports will produce localized dates.
  • improved formatting and typing of output columns for correct sorting and display of numbers and dates. All numbers are right-aligned in tables.
  • report exports that includes a user reference (Reporter, Assignee, and other custom fields) will now export the user's full display name, rather than the user's JIRA login name.


  • the URLs linked to user names and projects were incorrect in JIRA systems that were configured with a context path
  • the Issues Table Report was not respecting the order of the user-selected fields. Data is now output in the order specified on the configuration page
  • fixed NPE and other error messages in log when a user tries to update an issue in another part of JIRA that does not exist in the Dataplane index
  • fixed a gap where week-based charts were showing a one-week gap in issue statistics for the last week of the year
  • fixed tooltips showing incorrect date values for weekly reports
  • fixed bar heights in the Sum Numeric Field Report – were not displaying with the correct height. This only occurred when a chart was segmented by a user-type field (such as Reporter or Assignee), and multiple JIRA users had the same display name.
  • clicking on the "Issue" header in the report output now consistently sorts issues in numeric order
  • user and project avatars now display correctly in chart legends
  • the Current Issue Values report was inadvertently omitting a number of results from the report output

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