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This report shows the transition time of issues from one issue status to any another, and plots the minimum, maximum and average transition time within each time period.

For each issue, Dataplane calculates the amount of time elapsed from the first time the issue entered the From Status to the first time the issue entered the To Status. The issue can enter any number of intermediate statuses between the From Status and the To Status. Issues that have gone through multiple loops in a workflow—such as being opened, resolved, and reopened multiple times—will only have their first transitions counted in this report, so if you need to count every transition, use the Time to Next Status Report instead.

To include issues that have entered the From Status, but which have never reached the To Status, click the checkbox labeled Include issues that have not yet reached the To Status. For issues that have not reached the To Status, Dataplane will count the issues as if they had reached the To Status at the time the report was run.

Common Uses

This report is useful for measuring help desk efficiency. For example, select a From Status of Open, and a To Status of Resolved, and select Segment By Assignee. The results let you visualize the performance of different help desk agents. You can also ask Dataplane to count issues which have never entered the To Status, which would allow the report to include issues that were still currently open.

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