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Dataplane Labs

Occasionally, Arsenale Dataplane releases include some optional, experimental features. These features are not production ready and may be changed or removed in future versions of Dataplane.

Dataplane Labs features are always disabled by default, so you must explicitly enable them in your Dataplane instance.

Enhanced Customizer Script Editor

This feature enables an enhanced online text editor for Customizer Scripts, which allows the end user to use a feature-rich editor when modifying their scripts.

If the enhanced editor is disabled, Dataplane will provide users with a standard text box control to edit the Customizer Script instead.

The enhanced script editor includes the following features:

  • syntax highlighting of customizer blocks, making it easier to understand your script and to see mistakes,
  • line numbers, so that you can easily navigate your script,
  • code folding, so that you can easily show and hide blocks within "{ }" braces, and
  • a dynamically-resizable text area.

When enabled, the enhanced editor will be enabled globally for all users, except those who are using Internet Explorer. 

Regardless of any selections made here, Internet Explorer users will always use the regular (non-enhanced) Customizer Script editor.

In order to be able to edit a Customizer Script with either editor, the user must also be a member of one of the groups that has Customizer Script Permission.

To enable or disable the enhanced editor, go to Dataplane Reports » Administration, click on the tab for Dataplane Labs, and enable or disable the Enhanced Customizer Script editor checkbox.

The enhanced Customizer Script editor looks like the following:

For comparison, the regular, non-enhanced Customizer Script editor looks as follows:

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