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Most Dataplane reports can also be viewed on any JIRA dashboard as a dashboard gadget. Before you begin, make sure that you have created your report within Dataplane, saved the report, and also granted sharing permission so that users who are able to see the dashboard are also able to access the report.

Adding a Report to Your Dashboard

Visit any dashboard page that you are able to edit, and click the Add Gadget button.

Next, select Arsenale Dataplane Report from the Gadget Directory and then click Close.

The resulting gadget will display a drop-down allowing you to select a previously-saved report that is available to you:

To select a previously-saved report, click on the Report dropdown and scroll down through the list to find the report you need. Alternatively, after clicking on the Report control, you may start typing to search within the titles of previously-saved reports. The Report dropdown lists the 10 most-recently-used reports first, followed by all other saved reports in alphabetical order.


To force the report to automatically refresh itself while the user is viewing a dashboard, you may select an option from the Refresh Interval dropdown. The gadget will only refresh itself so long as the browser is in the foreground and the tab containing the dashboard is current. If the user shifts the dashboard page to a background browser tab or window, the report will instead be refreshed the next time the user brings the tab/window to the foreground.

Additionally, most Dataplane reports provide both chart and table output. Dashboard gadgets default to displaying only the chart. Through the Show option, you can select Chart and Table to view both the chart and the table, or you can select Table to view the table only. If a report does not have a chart, the gadget will always display the table.

After selecting the correct configuration options, click Save.

The resulting gadget will display your chart. For reports that have legends, a horizontally-scrolling legend will also display at the bottom of the gadget. To preserve space on the dashboard, legends will be limited to six rows of data (but with an unlimited number of columns).

If you want to view a dashboard gadget report in more detail (and if the user has permission to use Dataplane), you can click the Dataplane logo in the top right corner of the gadget to see the full size report in Dataplane itself.

To choose a different report for the Dataplane gadget, to change the refresh interval, or to hide or show the chart and table within the gadget, click the gadget dropdown menu in the top right corner of the gadget, then select "Edit" to return to the gadget configuration screen:

Dataplane gadgets can also be minimized, refreshed and have their border style adjusted like any other JIRA gadget.

User Permissions for Dashboard Reports

In order for Dataplane gadgets to be visible, other users must have the appropriate permissions to see your Dataplane gadget.

The following checklist may be useful when diagnosing gadget/report permission problems:

  1. The dashboard must be shared with the other users who need to see it.
  2. The Dataplane saved report must be explicitly shared with the users who have access to the dashboard.

  3. Any underlying filters or projects used by the Dataplane report must also be shared with the users who have access to the dashboard.

If your Dataplane report is not currently shared, find your report under the My Reports tab of the Report Directory, click the toolgear dropdown, select Edit Properties, and add the appropriate JIRA groups or projects to the sharing list, and save the properties.)

Users do not need to be assigned permission to use Dataplane itself in order to view a Dataplane report on a dashboard. This design allows you to assign Dataplane permissions to a trusted group of users who are allowed to create reports, but to permit view-only access (via dashboards) to all other users. Dataplane assumes that if the user has added a report to a dashboard, it will be shared with any user in the system (regardless of whether the user has permission to use Dataplane or not).

Anonymous Access to Dataplane Reports on Dashboards

Dataplane gadgets that are configured with the Everyone sharing option will be visible to anonymous (not logged in) users, so long as your JIRA instance is configured to permit anonymous users.

In order for Dataplane reports to be usable by anonymous users, the gadget must be placed on a dashboard that is shared with anonymous users (such as the System Dashboard), the report must be shared with Everyone, any underlying filters used in the report must be shared with everyone, and any project(s) used in the report must have "Browse" permitted for anonymous users.

If a Dataplane gadget is displayed on a dashboard that is visible to anonymous users (including the system dashboard), but the report is not shared with Everyone, Dataplane will display a warning message indicating that the user must first log into JIRA in order to see the report.

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