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This report is very similar to the Time from Status to Status Report. However, this report only evaluates the transition time from one issue status to the very next status transitioned to. This report does not consider any intermediate statuses. For example, if you ask Dataplane to report on the transition time between the Open and Resolved status, the report would only include issues that transitioned directly from Open -> Resolved, and would not count any issues that were transitioned from Open -> In Progress -> Resolved. If you need to capture workflow transitions with intervening statuses, use the Time From Status to Status Report instead.

By measuring each individual transition, this report can also measure issues that have been transitioned through several loops in the workflow. If you are measuring the Open -> In Progress transition, each issue will be counted once for every time it went through that status transition.

Common Uses

This report is useful for measuring the timing of specific segments of an issue workflow. For example, if you want to measure the amount of time that certain issues have remained sitting in the backlog, specify your list of projects or project categories, and select a From Status of Open and a To Status of In Progress. You can then also break down the results by any combination of metrics by selecting Segment By options.

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