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Arsenale® Dataplane™ is designed for metrics-focused technical, product and project managers who require sophisticated charting and analysis of KPIs and trends in their JIRA data. Our proprietary data engine unlocks the power of JIRA project and issue history, allowing you to reach back in time and look at historical trends, chart the timing of transitions, analyze issue links, and evaluate project and team performance.

Dataplane's intuitive interface gets you from question to answer incredibly fast. Even non-technical users can easily produce rich and actionable reports in seconds.

Arsenale Dataplane reporting for JIRA gives you:

  • Powerful Built-in Reports : track issue trends, inter-project links, work logged and much more
  • Interactive Charts and Tables : create data-rich, graphical reports across multiple JIRA projects or categories
  • Customize and Save Reports: build your own directory of customized reports that can be run with a single click
  • Dashboard Gadgets: display Dataplane reports as gadgets on your existing JIRA dashboards (and in Confluence too!)
  • Report Sharing : give other team members the ability to run and copy your customized reports
  • Report Favorites: mark your most-used reports, either your own or those shared with you, and find them all in one place
  • Customizer Scripts: use Dataplane's Groovy-based scripting capabilities to change the colors of chart segments, rename chart axes, sort tabular data, and more.
  • Leverage JIRA Search Filters and JQL : use your existing JIRA search filters or custom JQL for targeted results
  • Slice and Dice :  segment report results by any combination of issue fields for drill-down analysis
  • PDF, Excel & CSV Exports :  download reports to pristine PDF for sharing, or export to CSV for offline analysis

Arsenale Dataplane is a standard, JIRA-native plugin.  It requires no external configuration, tools or services, and all data stays behind your firewall.

What's New in 2.0

New Reports, New Insights

Use the new Pivot Table Report to display a matrix of issue type vs. priority, epic vs. sprint, or virtually any other combination of JIRA fields.

The new Time in Status Report reveals how long issues are spending in your triage process vs. under active development, and you get all the power of Dataplane's segmentations for further break down of results. And track the progress of Open, Resolved and Closed issues over time with the new, highly-configurable Issues Entering Status by Date Report.

Add Report Tables to Your JIRA Dashboards 

Add any table report to your JIRA dashboards for a complete overview of project status. The details of Issues Table Reports, Issue Work Log Table Reports and others are now as shareable as charts, across your entire organization.

And see the full picture of your team's progress on the dashboard by configuring Dataplane dashboard gadgets to show report charts, data tables, or both at the same time.

Introducing Customizer Scripts – Customize Chart Colors, Axis Titles and More


Want to use a standardized set of colors across your charts for blocking and critical issues? Need to tweak the "Average Issues" statistic to read "Denali Project Average"? With 2.0, we're rolling out an incredibly powerful new framework for user-customization of reports called Customizer Scripts.

Customizer Scripts let you programmatically customize reports right from the report configuration page using the speed and flexibility of the Groovy scripting language. Easily change chart series names and colors, modify chart axes ranges and scales, and more to create the most effective visualization for your organization.

And this is just the very start of what Customizer Scripts can do!

Licensing and Pricing

Arsenale Dataplane is available for purchase exclusively from Atlassian Marketplace.


Arsenale Dataplane is backed by the responsive, experienced Atlassian Experts at Arsenale Support.

If you encounter any challenges, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to solve your issues.

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