NOTE: This documentation is for an older version of Arsenale Dataplane



This report allows you to examine and break down values in issue work logs in a table-based format.

The default configuration, with Issue and Work Logged By selected for Segment By, will show a table-based breakdown of each issue that was worked, as well as the quantity of hours that was logged by each user, for each interval in the time period. Adding more segmentations will show extra detail about each issue worked.

If you remove the default Issue segmentation, you will be able to see aggregate-level information about work performed during that period, and adding additional segmentations will allow you to roll up the worklog data by user-defined criteria (but still on a user-by-user basis).

Lastly, removing both the default Work Logged By segmentation and the Issue segmentation will produce a purely-aggregate summary of worklog data.

Segmentations are only available on a current-value basis for the issue. For example, segmenting the worklog by priority will show you the priorities of the issues as of the current date, but not the priority at the time the work was performed.

Common Uses

Run an Issues Work Log Report. Remove all of the default selections in Segment By and add a segmentation of "Priority (Historical)". The resulting table will show work performed over the period, divided by priority, showing you the distribution of work performed by priority.

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