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New features include report sharing, saving report copies, support for more custom fields, new reports, initial JIRA 6 compatibility, and Retina/HiDPI display support

April 8, 2013

New Features

  • Report Sharing: After creating and saving a report, you can now make it accessible to other users in your organization with permissions set by JIRA group or project. Shared reports automatically show up in the Report Directory for all users who have permission to see them.

  • Issues Worklog Report: This new tabular report reports on hours worked in your projects, rolling up by date periods and segmenting the data by any number of criteria.
  • Beautiful Retina/HiDPI Output: Dataplane now includes full support for Retina (HiDPI/High Resolution) displays. Rendered charts and application icons will now appear crisp and beautiful on your high-res display. This support applies to any device with a high-resolution display, including the Retina MacBook Pro, the new iPad, high-resolution smartphones, and more.
  • Save As: Reports now have a "Save As" button, allowing you to easily create new, editable copies of any saved report, including those created and shared by other users.
  • Support for Custom Fields in the Issues Table Report: The Issues Table Report can now include JIRA-standard custom fields in its report output.
  • JIRA 6 Beta Support: This release adds preliminary support for JIRA 6.
  • Mouseover Details in Issues Table Report: Issue keys in the Issues Table Report now include a mouseover that shows the issue description, plus strikethrough styling for resolved issues.
  • Cancel Long Running Report Requests: Long-running report requests can now be aborted using the new "Cancel" button.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistency with IE8 where clicking on links in the saved report directory was inconsistent
  • Added proper sorting of data in the Current Issue Values report
  • When saving report configuration options, a page refresh is no longer required in modern browsers (FF, Chrome, Safari, IE10+); so displayed reports no longer disappear after saving.
  • PDF reports now include the user-supplied report title.
  • Fixed mixed-content warnings in IE8 that displayed if the local JIRA instance was running on HTTPS
  • Empty/zero numeric values in tables are now displayed in based on the user's locale with locale-consistent number of decimal places and decimal separator
  • UI dropdowns now work more consistently on the iPad and other touch-based WebKit devices
  • The order of "Segment By" options in saved reports is now preserved properly

Additional Changes

  • Admins will need to perform a brief in-product registration in order to install this beta version of Dataplane

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