NOTE: This documentation is for an older version of Arsenale Dataplane


Most Dataplane reports can also be viewed on any JIRA dashboard as a dashboard gadget.

Adding a Report to Your Dashboard

Visit any dashboard page that you are able to edit, and click the Add Gadget button.

Next, select Arsenale Dataplane Report from the Gadget Directory and then click Close.

The resulting gadget will display a drop-down allowing you to select a previously-saved report that is available to you, as well as an optional interval for automatically refreshing the report.

In the current iteration of gadgets as a Dataplane Labs feature, please note that the following report types are not yet available for display in gadgets:

  • Issues Table
  • Issues Work Log
  • Project Links
  • Sum Numeric Field
  • Current Issue Values
  • Current Issue * reports (including Current Issue Assignees, Current Issue Affects Versions, and all others with the Current Issue prefix)

This restriction will be removed in a future release of Dataplane.

After selecting the correct report, click Save.

The resulting gadget will display your chart.

If you want to view a dashboard gadget report in more detail (and if the user has permission to use Dataplane), you can click the Dataplane logo (in the top right corner of the gadget) to see the full size report in Dataplane itself.

The standard gadget controls in the gadget toolbar (to minimize and maximize the gadget size) also work with Dataplane gadgets.

For reports that have legends, a horizontally-scrolling legend will also display at the bottom of the gadget. To preserve space on the dashboard, legends will be limited to six rows of data (but with an unlimited number of columns).

User Permissions for Dashboard Reports

In order for Dataplane gadgets work correctly, other users must have the appropriate permissions to see your Dataplane gadget.

In particular:

  1. The dashboard must be shared with the other users who need to see it.
  2. The Dataplane saved report must be explicitly shared with the users who have access to the dashboard.

  3. Any underlying filters or projects used by the Dataplane report must also be shared with the users who have access to the dashboard.


If your Dataplane report is not currently shared, find your report under the My Reports tab of the Report Directory, click the toolgear dropdown, select Edit Properties, and add the appropriate JIRA groups or projects to the sharing list, and save the properties.)


Users do not need to be assigned permission to use Dataplane itself in order to view a Dataplane report on a dashboard. This allows you to assign Dataplane permissions to a trusted group of users who are allowed to create reports, but to permit view-only access (via dashboards) to all other users. Dataplane assumes that if the user has added a report to a dashboard, it will be shared with any user in the system (regardless of whether the user has permission to use Dataplane or not).

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