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Important Note

If you are upgrading from Dataplane 1.4 or below to one of these versions, upon installing the upgrade Dataplane needs to rebuild the Dataplane index.

Dataplane will automatically rebuild its index in the background. Normal JIRA use will not be impacted, but you will be unable to run Dataplane reports until the rebuild is finished. 


UI compatibility fix for JIRA 6.1.2+

November 26, 2013


  • fixed a rendering issue with the mouse-over chart tooltips (for JIRA 6.1.2+ only)
  • Dataplane now displays a sensible error message if the user tries to run the product using the unsupported HSQLDB



Support for Kepler User Picker field; Work Logged reports for gadgets; and fixes.

October 15, 2013

New Features

  • added support for the Kepler User Picker custom field

  • added the Work Logged by Date reports to the list of dashboard-capable gadgets (including User Work Logged and Project Work Logged reports)


  • fixed an exception that prevented the Report Directory from loading in some circumstances (primarily with JIRA 5.1.x and Oracle databases)
  • fixed a Microsoft SQL Server compatibility issue that prevented users from segmenting by Project Category



New chart types, new reports, wallboard support, and JIRA 6.1 support.

October 4, 2013

New Features

  • New Reports

    • new Project Work Logged by Date report. Chart the amount of work completed per project over time, and break down the data by any additional JIRA field.
    • new User Work Logged by Date report. Chart the amount of work completed by each user over time across any number of JIRA projects or saved filters.
    • new Issues Resolved by Date report.
    • new advanced Work Logged by Date report for power users, which provides a chart of work logged over time, broken down by any set of JIRA fields.
    • new advanced Issues by Date report for power users, to allow charting issues over any given time period based on a user-selectable custom date field. Track issues by your unique date fields, such as manager approval date, asset requisition date, sales payment date, QA signoff date, or any other date field used in your JIRA workflow.
  • New Chart Types

    • users may now select from line charts, area charts, pie charts or multi-pie charts in addition to the existing bar and column charts. The set of chart types available for any given report depends on the type of report you are running. To select the chart type of your report, click on the "More Options" link at the top-right of the page when configuring report options. The new chart types are a Dataplane Labs feature which is disabled by default. To enable new chart types for all users, go to Dataplane Analytics -> Configuration and select the "Extra Chart Types" checkbox under "Dataplane Labs".
  • JIRA Dashboard Enhancements

    • the Dataplane dashboard gadget now supports all saved, chart-style reports, including the previously-unavailable Current Metrics reports.
    • all Dataplane gadgets can now be displayed on wallboards.
  • Other Features

    • Dataplane now supports JIRA 6.1

Additional Improvements

  • Enhanced the Report Guide User Experience

    • added a table of contents cataloging all Dataplane reports.

    • added a "Try this Report" button to Report Guide entries so that users can easily flip from understanding use cases to trying out the report.


  • project categories are now only displayed in the "Search" dropdown if the user has access to one or more of the underlying projects in the category

  • fixed an issue where gadgets displayed spurious warnings messages when accessed on a system with a URL prefix (context path)

  • fixed a race condition in the Dataplane real-time indexer. Under certain conditions, this caused the Dataplane index to become out of sync with the current state of issues. The automatic reindex of JIRA data that is kicked off by an upgrade to this release corrects any missing items in the historical issue data.

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