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This report charts the number of hours of work done over time by each user. The results can be segmented further by any number of selected fields.

Segmentations are only available on a current value basis. For example, segmenting by "Story Points" will aggregate the number of hours worked based on the latest value of the Story Points field; not the value of that field at the time the work was performed.

Common Uses

Use this report to visualize the amount of work each team member is performing over a given development cycle, to look for unbalanced workloads across the team, and to evaluate whether team members are working on the right kinds of issues.

For example, select Epic Name as the value to Segment By in order to compare the amount of work each team member is devoting to different areas of the project. Or Segment By the value of Issue Type to review the kinds of issues each team member takes on.

For service-oriented teams, a further segmentation of interest is breaking down the results by Resolution to look for outliers in how customer issues are typically addressed by team members.

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