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This report charts the current value of a numeric field against a specific date associated with the issue, as selected by the Date Basis option. Values for issues plotted within the same time interval are summed together.

As in the related Sum Numeric Field Report, the Value Of option selects the issue field or other value that is to be summed. Select a numeric custom field, or any of Jira's internal time-management fields such as Time Spent or Original Time Estimate.

The date basis may be the Created Date, Resolved Date, or any date custom field that you have created.

Use the Segment By option to break down summations by additional criteria.

Common Uses

If you have a project containing a list of orders, where each issue uses a Product Price numeric custom field, you can use this report to visualize sales history over time.

To visualize the number of dollars associated with each issue based on the date the issue was created, select Created Date for the Date Basis. On the other hand, if you want to plot the sales dollars against the shipment date, which might correspond to the resolved date, select Resolution Date for the Date Basis.

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