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This report calculates the sum total of the current values of a specified numeric field in Jira for all issues included in the search. You can sum any numeric-type custom field, or any of Jira's internal time-management fields such as Time Spent or Original Estimate.

The Statuses to Include field allows you to automatically include a certain subset of statuses in the report.

To use this report, you must specify at least one value for the Segment By option. The first segmentation selected will be shown on the range (Y) axis, and any additional segmentations selected will be used to further break down each of the results.

Common Uses

If you have a project containing a list of product orders, and each issue uses a custom field called Product Price, you can use this report to sum up total sales to-date and then break down the results by any arbitrary criteria. For example, select the relevant project in the Search field, select a Value Of of Product Price, and then add Assignee to the Segment By option to see how many dollars of sales were assigned to each user. The report can be further broken down by Priority, Resolution, or any combination of other issue fields.

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