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Dataplane works with the Valiantys nFeed add-on to report on data from external data sources.

nFeed can be used to create Jira custom fields that pull data from external databases, web sources, files, or other non-Jira locations. 

Using nFeed with Dataplane

In addition to displaying nFeed data within Jira itself, Dataplane can also be used with nFeed to display reports and charts on nFeed data.

nFeed custom fields can be used for segmentation and grouping in most Dataplane reports.

All nFeed custom fields are currently treated as text, so the data in nFeed fields are not currently available to be summed in numeric reports or usable as a date basis.

Adding a New nFeed Field

The nFeed Administrator Guide describes how to add a new nFeed field to your Jira system.

After adding a new nFeed field to your system, you must perform two additional steps to ensure that the nFeed field can be reported on correctly from Dataplane:

  1. Reindex Jira. This step is not just required by Dataplane, but it is also required to be able to see your data in the rest of Jira. (If your version of Jira supports it, you may be do this as a background reindex operation. Indexing only the impacted project is also fine. In general, if you can see the field as a column in the Jira Issue Navigator for all of the relevant issues, Dataplane will be able to work on the field.)
  2. If the nFeed field was newly added and it does not appear in the Segment By control in Dataplane, go to Dataplane Reports » Administration and click Sync Index to refresh the list of accessible custom fields. In most situations, a Dataplane "Sync Index" operation only takes a few seconds and it does not cause any downtime for Dataplane users.

For More Information

For more information on what nFeed can do for your teams, visit the Valiantys nFeed product page on Atlassian Marketplace or view the introduction video below:

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