PDF Export CSS Stylesheet Guidelines

Dataplane uses the Flying Saucer HTML-to-PDF engine in order to render PDF report exports. The format of PDF exports can be customized by adding new stylesheets, which can be specified at a global level or on a report-by-report basis.

In these user-provided stylesheets, Dataplane supports most standard CSS3 attributes, including selectors for paged media.

Dataplane PDF output is targeted for print media, so when specifying the size of fonts or any other element, you should always use "pt" (points) rather than "px" (pixels) to specify dimensions. One point is always 1/72 of an inch.

For example, use "font-weight: 10pt;" rather than "font-weight: 10px;". The same rule applies for margins, borders, padding, any any other CSS attribute that requires a dimension.

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