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This report shows how many issues entered one of the given groups of statuses within the selected date range. For each status group, Dataplane calculates either the first time or the last time (at the user's option) that an issue entered any of the statuses in the group, and shows the incremental or cumulative results. Locate bottlenecks in team workflow and efficiency by plotting multiple status groups and identifying when the flow of issues into one status group has become faster or slower than the flow of issues into another.

Common Uses

This report can be used to show the equivalent of Jira's "Created vs Resolved" chart using a custom set of workflow statuses or over a custom date range. Jira's standard Created vs Resolved behavior is to plot the first time issues entered the Open status and the last time issues entered the Resolved status. This report could, for example, show a more complete workflow from when issues enter the Open status to when they enter the Closed status. It could also show the flow of issues within a smaller portion of the lifecycle (such as issues entering "Ready for QA" versus issues entering "Verified"). If multiple statuses are functionally equivalent (for example, if "Awaiting Triage" and "Open" both represent issues that have not yet been worked), they can be listed as part of the same status group in order to be aggregated into a single series.

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