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This report lets you visualize the changing state of your Jira issues over time. Each plotted bar in the graph represents a unique point in time, corresponding to the state of the issue at the start of that reporting interval.

For example, if you run a report with a Time Period of Year to Date and select an Interval of Monthly, Dataplane will show you the state of the selected Value Of field for all of your issues as of January 1, February 1, March 1, and so on.

The projects, filters or JQL expressions you provide in the Search field will be used to select issues based on their current state. For example, if you enter a JQL expression to select all issues that have a status of Open, this will apply to issues whose present status is Open.

To restrict the reporting data based on the historical status of issues, use the Statuses to Include option on the report configuration page. This option will be used to filter the issues based on their status as it existed at the start of each reporting interval.

See also the Issue Values by Date Report.

Common Uses

Use the Issue Values Snapshots by Date report to visualize the size of your backlog over time. For example, supply a JQL expression to select your projects or project categories, and use the Statuses to Include option to select the statuses which correspond to backlog issues. Use the Value Of option to select the Priority field, or any other field for which you would like to visualize the backlog.

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