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This report is a combination of the Sum Numeric Field by Date report and the Issue Values Snapshots by Date reports. This report sums the historical value of a specific field, based on the values that the field had at specific points in history, sampled on the first day of each interval in the selected time period. The results are filtered to include only those issues whose statuses were in one of the selected Statuses to Include values on each sampled date.

The Value Of option selects the issue field or other value that is to be summed.

For this report, breaking down the results with Segment By is optional.

Common Uses

Similar to the Sum Numeric Field by Date report, if you have a project containing a number of issues that have Time Spent data, you can use this report to track how much effort invested (Time Spent) grew over time. In this scenario, if you wanted to include issues even after they were complete, you would include all relevant statuses in the Statuses to Include field. 

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