Exporting Results to PDF

The Export » PDF Format option produces a professionally-formatted PDF export, including all report charts and data tables. PDF exports can include optionally custom corporate letterhead or logos, as well as various other options that are described in the following sections.

Projects, users and issue keys are automatically linked back to the corresponding object on your Jira instance.

The Export menu within a report permits the export of one single report at a time. 

To export multiple Dataplane reports into a single PDF file, arrange the desired reports as Dataplane gadgets on a Jira dashboard, and then follow the instructions in Exporting Jira Dashboards to PDF.

An example single-report PDF export is shown below:


PDF exports can be customized in a number of ways by the system administrator, as well as users who have Customizer Script permission.

Information on the customization of PDF exports is described in more detail in the following sections:

PDF Export DefaultsDescribes the default options used for the size, orientation, and background of PDF exports, as well as administrator-level configuration for modifying the defaults.
PDF Export Customizer ScriptsDescribes how Customizer Scripts can be used to adjust the formatting of PDF exports on a report-by-report basis.
PDF Export LetterheadDescribes the specifications for custom background images (letterhead) for PDF exports.
PDF Export CSS Stylesheet GuidelinesDescribes the background of the CSS stylesheets that can used to customize the report formatting either globally or on a report-by-report basis.

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