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Dataplane performs a native Excel export in .XLS format, which makes it the preferred choice for exporting to most spreadsheet applications. The Excel export includes only the tabular data from the web browser-based report results.

Excel Export Advantages

Excel exports have the following advantages over CSV exports and over Jira's built-in Excel export from the Issue Navigator:

  • Any Jira issue keys in the export are automatically linked back to the corresponding Jira issue.
  • Cells are formatted according to their underlying data types. Date fields are automatically exported as dates, number columns are exported as numbers and are right-aligned, and so on. This means that you can start writing Excel formulas and analyzing data immediately, without having to manually convert the cell formats (as you would otherwise need to do with Jira's Excel export from the Issue Navigator or the CSV export).
  • Date fields are automatically formatted according to the country selected in the user's Jira profile (mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy,, or yyyy/mm/dd, as appropriate).
  • Column headings are rendered as bold text and the columns are sized proportionately to the column title.
  • No special character set options are required when cells containing accented characters, Asian language characters, or other non-ASCII characters—it all works automatically.

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