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With one click, export all Dataplane reports on your Jira dashboard to a single PDF file, maintaining the style, layout and formatting of your dashboard.

Dataplane Jira dashboard exports support the following gadgets and options:

  • Dataplane reports/gadgets
  • Jira's built-in Text gadgets

Any other gadgets (including Jira's built-in chart gadgets) are excluded from the export.

Custom letterheads or logos configured for individual report exports are not included in dashboard PDF exports.

Exporting a Jira Dashboard to PDF

To export a full Jira dashboard of Dataplane reports to one PDF file:

  1. Visit an existing Jira dashboard page, or create a new dashboard page.
  2. Add the desired Dataplane reports to the page as individual gadgets.
  3. If desired, use the standard Jira Edit Layout button to select the column layout
  4. Use the mouse to rearrange the Dataplane gadgets as you wish.
  5. From the dashboard page, select Tools » Export Dataplane Reports to PDF.

The dashboard export maintains the content and layout as it is defined in the dashboard.

To rearrange the position of a report in the PDF output, simply drag the gadget to the correct column and then re-export the report.

Gadget Configuration Options for Dashboard Exports

Several gadget configuration options (accessible through the gadget's Edit option) influence the format of the Jira dashboard export:

The Max PDF Export Legend Items option controls the maximum number of legend items that are exported to the PDF file. Since horizontal scrolling is not available in PDF exports, Dataplane permits you to select the maximum number of legend items to display. If the number of legend items exceed the maximum, the extra legend items are omitted and replaced with the text "And 'X' more...".

The Show option allows the user to select whether the gadget displays the Chart, the Table, or the Chart and Table. When exported to PDF, if a gadget is configured as Chart, or configured as Table, the relevant chart or table will always be displayed inline in the report layout. When using the combined Chart and Table option, Dataplane will export the chart section of the report inline alongside the other dashboard items, with the data table section added at the end of the PDF as a full-page-width table.

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