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Arsenale Dataplane includes some optional, experimental features.

Most of these features are enabled in one of the following ways:

  • using a Dataplane-specific JVM property, or
  • on the Dataplane Reports » Administration » Dataplane Labs page (if available), in the Dataplane app

Be advised that experimental features may be changed or removed without notice in future versions of Dataplane.

Contact Arsenale Support with any questions about using one of these features, or to share your feedback.

Exclude Old, Inactive Jira Issues from the Dataplane Index

Available in Dataplane v2.8+

You can exclude from Dataplane's index old, inactive Jira issues—issues that have not been updated for some time—in order to reduce the time it takes to rebuild the Dataplane index on large Jira instances, reduce Dataplane index table size in the Jira database, and potentially improve the performance of long-running reports.

This feature is not an issue archiver. Jira issues excluded from the Dataplane index by this feature are still included in Dataplane reports. Dataplane will just be limited to reporting on the current value of these issues' fields; not the historical values of the fields, since those historical values come from the Dataplane index.

Dataplane users are not warned if a report is missing historical data for Jira issues excluded from the Dataplane index. If a report charts historical field values for these issues, the report will run but no historical data will be shown for these issues. Consider if this might cause confusion for your users.

To have Dataplane only index issues that have been updated on or after a given date, set this JVM property to a date of the format "YYYY-MM-DD":


For example to only include issues in Dataplane's index that were modified on or after July 1, 2019, add the following to your Jira installation /bin/ file (for a Linux system):

JVM_SUPPORT_RECOMMENDED_ARGS="-Dcom.arsenalesystems.dataplane.indexer.excludeUnmodifiedIssuesDate=2019-07-01 $JVM_SUPPORT_RECOMMENDED_ARGS"

For Data Center instances, be sure to add this JVM property on all Jira nodes, and set to the same value on all nodes.

After adding the JVM property, restart Jira and rebuild the Dataplane index to apply the new feature.

With this feature enabled, any issues excluded from the Dataplane index that are subsequently modified will be automatically indexed and no longer excluded from the Dataplane index.

  • On Jira Data Center, your best option for reducing the data Dataplane's indexer needs to process is to use Jira's built-in issue and project archiving instead of this Dataplane JVM property. Dataplane automatically excludes archived Jira issues and projects from its index.
  • If your Dataplane users do not chart historical values of issue fields in their reports—or you wish to effectively disable the Dataplane indexer for another reason—set this JVM property to a future date (for example "2100-01-01") to exclude all Jira issues from the Dataplane index.

Disable Specific Types of Reports

Available in Dataplane v2.8+

This feature lets you block users from creating and using specific types of Dataplane reports, such as Issues by Date Report or Time from Status to Status Report.

Upon disabling one or more report types:

  • users cannot create new reports of those types; in the Dataplane Reports directory, those report types are hidden in the list available report types under the New Report button
  • users cannot view or run reports already created of those types; in the Dataplane Reports directory, those reports are hidden in the user's list of saved or shared reports
  • all existing Jira dashboard, Confluence gadget or shared URL references to reports of those types will display an error indicating that the report has been disabled and is not accessible

This feature does not delete any saved user reports; it only hides and disables these reports from use.

If a disabled report type is re-enabled, all behavior reverts back to normal for reports of that type, with all previously-created user reports of that type once again visible, and any use of these reports on Jira dashboards and Confluence pages restored.

To block users from creating and using specific types of reports, use the following JVM property:


For example, to disable all reports of type Issues by Date Report and Time from Status to Status Report, add the following to your Jira installation /bin/ file (for a Linux system):

JVM_SUPPORT_RECOMMENDED_ARGS="-Dcom.arsenalesystems.dataplane.disabledReportTemplates=reportKey.issuesByDateReport,reportKey.timeFromStatusIndirectToStatus $JVM_SUPPORT_RECOMMENDED_ARGS"

To find the correct report type identifiers to use with the JVM property, for each type of report, create a new report of that type from the New Report button on the Dataplane Reports page. The unique identifier for that report type will look like "reportKey.issuesByDateReport" or "reportKey.timeFromStatusIndirectToStatus" and is visible in the URL for the report configuration page of that new report.

For example:


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