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This page describes all of the following reports:

Current Issue Assignees

Current Issue Affects Versions

 Current Issue Components

 Current Issue Fix Versions

 Current Issue Priorities

 Current Issue Reporters

 Current Issue Resolutions

 Current Issue Security Levels

 Current Issue Statuses


This set of basic reports provides an easy way to break down a set of issues by a particular statistic. Each report automatically performs segmentation based on the indicated field. For example, the Current Issue Statuses report automatically calculates the current status of each Jira issue and displays the resulting data.

By default, most of these reports automatically exclude resolved issues (which means issues where the Resolution field is not empty). To override this behavior, click the Include resolved issues checkbox. Note that this checkbox is not available for the Current Issue Resolutions report. For that report, all issues (regardless of resolution) will be charted.

If you wish to break down your data by additional values, you can specify additional segmentations with the Segment By option.

If you need a more advanced version of this report, or if you need to break out data by a field not listed here, use the Current Issue Values report.

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