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Database Tables

All Dataplane app data is stored within application-specific tables in the Jira database.

Permanent Tables

Dataplane uses ActiveObjects-based tables to store permanent data related to saved reports and app configuration. ActiveObjects is an Atlassian framework technology enabling third-party apps to store proprietary object data in Atlassian products.

All Dataplane ActiveObjects tables in the Jira database begin with the prefix "AO_6714C7_". Data stored within these tables must be preserved for correct product operation.

Dataplane's ActiveObjects-based tables are automatically included by Jira when doing a standard Jira backup/export operation to XML.

The following database tables are used to store Dataplane's permanent app data:


Ephemeral Tables

Dataplane maintains a real-time index of Jira issue change history in ephemeral—or non-permanent—database tables, using data schema optimized for efficient reporting. These app-specific tables are stored in the same database as Jira itself, so no additional database setup is required.

Although these tables are required for Dataplane to generate reports, they contain data that always exists separately in Jira's own project and issue database tables, thus Dataplane can recreate the entire contents of these ephemeral app tables at any time using the "Build Index" function on the Dataplane Administration page.

All Dataplane ephemeral tables in the Jira database begin with the prefix "art".

Dataplane's ephemeral tables are not included by Jira when doing a standard Jira backup/export operation to XML.

After doing an XML restore operation of backup or imported Jira data, you must rebuild the Dataplane index to regenerate Dataplane's ephemeral tables.

Dataplane creates and uses the following database tables to store non-permanent app data:

  • artdate
  • arthash
  • artrid
  • artstate
  • artstatecf
  • artstatecfdata
  • artstatecfid
  • artstatemap
  • artstateprocessed
  • artstateproperty
  • arttdbl
  • arttdt
  • arttm

In Jira Data Center instances, Dataplane also creates and uses these additional database tables to store non-permanent app data:

  • artcluster

  • artelection

  • arthistevent

  • artidxevent

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