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2.7.1 / 2.7.1-jira7

Maintenance release.

January 10, 2022


  • Fixed issue causing Dataplane indexing to fail with errors "Error in finding issue list for index" and "Invalid object name 'propertyentry'" on Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) and PostgreSQL Jira databases configured with other than the default db schema.

2.7 / 2.7-jira7

Major admin feature release. Significant increase in indexing speed, support for archived projects and issues, reduced reporting downtime during indexing, MS SQL and UI fixes, and new app event, performance and debug logs.

December 28, 2021

New Features

  • Significant Increase in Dataplane Indexing Speed 
    • Full index builds now complete up to 1.5x faster. (Performance may vary depending on database type and Jira configuration)

  • Dataplane Indexing Support for Archived Jira Projects and Issues
  • Reduced Reporting Downtime During Dataplane Indexing
    • Users no longer need to wait for a Dataplane full index build to complete before report results are available and accurate. Full index builds now process Jira issues in reverse chronological order, by issue creation date, such that reports based on recently-created Jira issues are available and complete even while indexing of older issues is ongoing. 

    • To further limit reporting downtime, users are shown detailed status on report accuracy and availability while indexing is in progress, e.g. "Report results are now complete for all Jira issues created after Dec 2 2020, 12:21 PM, except for updates more recent than Dec 23 2021, 1:42 PM." Indexing progress updates shown to Jira admins on the Dataplane Reports → Administration → Configuration page are similarly enhanced. 

  • New Dataplane Event and Performance Log

    • Dataplane records all significant app events, and detailed timings, in the new Dataplane Event Log; easily imported for review and analysis into Excel, Numbers and other applications supporting CSV-formatted data. Jira admins now have the data to better understand Dataplane performance, analyze app and platform resource demands such as use of Jira database pool connections, correlate any system issues with Dataplane use, and identify top Dataplane users and reports.

  • Independent Dataplane Log Files
    • To facilitate debugging and performance profiling, Dataplane now outputs all app logging to independent, Dataplane-specific log files in the <JIRA_HOME>/log directory rather than to the main atlassian-jira.log Jira log file.
  • One-Click Download of Dataplane App Info Support File
    • When communicating with Arsenale about a support issue, we may request you generate and share a Dataplane App Info file so that we may review the configuration and status of Dataplane and Jira. This file is now easily generated and downloaded from the Dataplane Reports → Administration → Support page with a button click.


  • Improved resilience of Dataplane Data Center indexing to networking outages and other system-wide issues. 

  • Removed limit on the number of errors allowed during Dataplane indexing. Forcing indexing to abort on reaching an arbitrary error limit was causing unnecessary reporting downtime, as errors during indexing are often recoverable or inconsequential.

  • When generating a Dataplane App Info file on Jira Data Center, the file name now includes the Data Center node name to assist with app support.


  • Fixed issue when running Jira on Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) configured with "SQL_Latin1_General_CP437_CI_AI" collation. Dataplane reports referencing a Jira custom field named with a non-ASCII character could experience errors exporting the report, or could display empty Jira issue lists in the Jira Issue Navigator (Jira issue search page) when clicking on an issues link in report results.

    • If you are running Jira on Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) configured with "SQL_Latin1_General_CP437_CI_AI" collation, after upgrading to this release schedule a full rebuild of the Dataplane index in order to apply this fix.

      However, if Jira was configured (typically in file <JIRA_INSTALL>/bin/ with JVM property com.arsenalesystems.dataplane.db.sqlserver.nvarchar=true as a workaround for this bug, a Dataplane reindex is not necessary.

    • JVM property com.arsenalesystems.dataplane.db.sqlserver.nvarchar=true is no longer needed and should be removed. 

      With previous versions of Dataplane, Arsenale Support may have suggested adding this JVM property to your Jira configuration (typically in file <JIRA_INSTALL>/bin/ On upgrading to this release, this JVM property is no longer needed and should be removed. For multi-node Jira Data Center instances, remove this JVM property from the configuration of all Jira nodes.

  • Fixed visual styling of the Dataplane Reports directory "New Report" button, which was broken by platform CSS changes introduced in Jira 8.19.

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