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Backport to address a critical security-rated security issue.

March 8, 2016

Security Updates

  • Corrected a critical-rated remote code execution vulnerability. To successfully exploit the issue, the user must have been authenticated against JIRA and granted access to both Dataplane and Dataplane Customizer Scripts. Please contact Arsenale Support with any questions, or see the Dataplane Security Notice 2016-03-09 for full details.



Schedule and subscribe to reports, share reports more widely, rapid issue filtering, new charting options, fast report management and numerous improvements.

April 16, 2015

Please review the following important notes before upgrading to this release. 

  • Upon upgrading to this version, Dataplane will automatically start a full Dataplane reindex. A full Dataplane reindex does not affect JIRA access or performance, but it can take hours to complete on very large JIRA instances. Dataplane reports are unavailable during reindexing, so please schedule your upgrade accordingly.
  • Upon upgrading to Dataplane 2.2, you will not be able to revert to a prior version of Dataplane. This upgrade migrates the storage of Dataplane reports to a new format which uses unique numeric IDs for JIRA projects and filters instead of names.
  • If any of your saved Dataplane reports refer to a saved JIRA filter that shares a duplicate name with other filters in your instance and if those reports are shared with other users, Dataplane 2.2 may end up selecting a different filter than previous versions of Dataplane. Please contact Arsenale Support if you have any concerns or questions about this issue in your upgrade.

New Features

  • Schedule and Subscribe to Reports

    • Set up any Dataplane report to automatically run on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, with up-to-date PDF reports emailed to your inbox. 

    • Subscribe any number of executives, managers or developers to your reports, automatically sending them up-to-date metrics on-schedule.

  • Share Reports More Widely

    • Reports can now be shared with every JIRA user using the new "Everyone" sharing setting.
    • Reports shared with "Everyone" will also be visible on dashboards to anonymous (non-logged in) users, both on the system dashboard and on any other dashboards shared with Everyone.
    • A new global setting allows administrators to customize the default sharing options for all newly-created Dataplane reports. All new saved reports can now be defaulted to sharing with "Everyone", to sharing with a select group of JIRA users or projects, or to remain private to the creator. Report owners can still modify the sharing option on a report-by-report basis.
  • Describe Your Reports for Management
    • You can now save a verbose, custom description for each report that is printed in the report summary section of both browser-run and PDF-exported reports.
    • Choose whether the report summary section displays your custom report description, Dataplane's auto-generated report description, or both.
  • Rapid Issue Filtering
    • The Search control now allows you to select JIRA Agile boards by name, just as easily as you select JIRA projects or filters.
    • The flexible new "Statuses to Include" control allows you to more easily select the historical state of issues included in the report. In many reports, you can now dial in the exact historical statuses to include or exclude from your results. Taking a more broad view? Select all statuses in your JIRA instance with a single click, without having to itemize those of interest.
  • New Charting Options
    • Grouped (non-stacked) bar and column charts give you a new way to visualize Dataplane's powerful segmentation of results.
    • You can now configure the maximum number of domain axis categories plotted (for example, sprints, versions, or assignees), with all additional results aggregated into a single "Other" item. 
  • Fast Report Management
    • The new "Tools" menu on the report page gives you fast access to the key features needed to manage your reports. Easily rename the report, change sharing options, add a custom report description, subscribe or edit your subscription to the report, or delete the report—all without having to leave the report page.
    • When working on a report, click on the star icon to the right of the report name to quickly tag the report as a favorite for easy access.
  • Search for New Reports
    • Use the new Search box when looking for a report to create to easily find the new report type you need.
  • Manage Report Ownership
    • Recognizing that team members may come and go, Dataplane now includes admin-only web endpoints that allows users to change the ownership of a report and delete an individual user's report subscriptions.


  • JIRA Compatibility
    • This release adds compatibility with JIRA 6.4.x
  • New and Updated JIRA Fields Support
    • Added support for reporting on URL-type custom fields.
    • Added support for Updated Date and Due Date fields in the Issues by Date and Sum Numeric Field by Date reports, as well as in all other historical reports that have a date configuration option.
    • To improve clarity in field names, the field Time Estimate has been renamed to Time Remaining, and the field Time Original Estimate (or Original Estimate) has been renamed to Original Time Estimate. These fields function as they always did, but the new names better reflect the fact that the old "Time Estimate" field always reported on the remaining time estimate.

  • Dashboard Gadget Usability and Layout Improvements
    • When selecting a Dataplane report to show in a JIRA Dashboard gadget, the 10 most recently run Dataplane reports are displayed at the top of the list.
    • To improve chart readability in small-size gadgets, Dataplane now turns off data marker symbols plotted on the chart when the chart gets small.
    • Improved layout of domain axis labels in historical charts of small width to eliminate overlapping labels. 
  • High Resolution Vector Graphics Charts
    • Browser-based Dataplane reports and PDF exports now output charts with scalable vector graphics instead of bitmap images, which improves sharpness and font legibility.
  • Report Configuration Usability Improvements
    • The Segment By configuration option has been repositioned to below the Chart Type options instead of rendering below the Search input box. This clarifies the functionality of this control.
  • Go Fast
    • Significant speed improvements for large JIRA instances when displaying lists of all JIRA groups (e.g. when saving a report, or editing report properties).
    • Significant speed improvements handling large lists of saved reports when selecting a report to use in a JIRA Dashboard gadget.
    • Sped up report creation on JIRA instances with a significant number of issues by optimizing database table structures.

    • Optimized canceling of pending report requests to speed up navigating away from JIRA dashboards containing large numbers of Dataplane reports.
  • More User Help Links
  • Security Enhancements
    • For security, administrator password confirmation (WebSudo) is now required for all Dataplane Administration access.


  • Fixed NullPointerException when running the Time in Status report. This error occurred in JIRA instances with a separate custom field named "Status" that conflicted with the name of the built-in Status field.
  • Fixed a data error when using numeric-type custom fields with the Issue Values by Date, Issue Values Snapshots by Date, and Issue Values Snapshots Sum by Date reports. The symptom was, for certain time intervals, no value or an old value was reported for a numeric-type custom field (such as Story Points).
  • If any of your saved Dataplane reports refer to a saved JIRA filter that shares a duplicate name with other filters in your instance and if those reports are shared with other users, Dataplane 2.2 may end up selecting a different filter than previous versions of Dataplane. Please contact Arsenale Support if you have any concerns or questions about this issue in your upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue with average time calculation under certain conditions in the Time in Status Report.  When an issue had multiple changes in field values within a single reporting interval, the time in status was incorrectly aggregated for the issue.
  • Fixed a JavaScript memory leak that could cause the browser to become sluggish if a user ran and re-ran the same report many times without reloading the browser page.
  • Fixed a limitation where users without Dataplane permission were unable to click through from Dataplane reports on JIRA Dashboards to showing the list of underlying report issues in the JIRA Issue Navigator.
  • Fixed an issue on JIRA dashboards where resizing the browser page could trigger an unnecessary number of reports to re-run, in situations in which the user had manually refreshed the dashboard gadget prior to resizing the page.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException if a user logs out of JIRA and then tries to access the Dataplane menu from another previously-logged-in window.
  • Fixed poor rendering of certain permission errors in JIRA Dashboard gadgets due to the double-escaping of text.
  • When doing a Save As operation to rename or copy a report, the new report name and description are now properly updated on the displayed report page and PDF export.
  • When using the search box in the Reports directory list of saved reports, the search will no longer match on HTML markup and hidden text within the saved reports list.
  • When configuring a report, clicking either of the Search option tabs (Projects/Filters or JQL) now automatically focuses user input to the text input box.
  • When Dataplane gadgets on the JIRA Dashboard are not yet configured and are displayed to users other than the Dashboard owner, those users are no longer allowed to configure the gadget.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error when trying to render a table-only Dataplane report in a JIRA dashboard gadget that was configured to show only the "Chart" output. No report results are still displayed, but the report title is now shown.
  • Fixed the layout of the report chart legend in PDF exports. For some reports, the last line of legend text on the page could be cut off or the right-most legend column could be truncated.
  • Fixed a Java "concurrentModificationException" that would intermittently show when quickly reloading the Reports directory page.


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