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Backport to address a critical security-rated security issue.

March 8, 2016

Security Updates

  • Corrected a critical-rated remote code execution vulnerability. To successfully exploit the issue, the user must have been authenticated against JIRA and granted access to both Dataplane and Dataplane Customizer Scripts. Please contact Arsenale Support with any questions, or see the Dataplane Security Notice 2016-03-09 for full details.



Maintenance release

November 24, 2014


  • Corrected a problem where disabling and re-enabling Dataplane would cause numerous reports to fail with HTTP 500 errors after the re-enable. (This was fixable in 2.1 by uninstalling and re-installing Dataplane, or by restarting JIRA.)
  • Corrected font rendering issues with Asian character sets, in which Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts did not render at all without manually installing font files for Dataplane's use (even if the server's system default fonts already supported the desired language).
  • Minor improvements to the error handling of database transactions on MySQL databases.



Add goal lines to charts, reorder stacked bar charts, customize PDF layouts, German translation, security updates, and more.

November 17, 2014

Arsenale Translations

We would love for all our customers to be able to use Arsenale products in their own native language. We have launched a new online Arsenale Translations service to enlist your help.

Arsenale Translations allows anyone to improve an existing product translation, or to contribute translations to a new language. Whether you only have time to translate a few basics or you can work through dozens of phrases, we would love your assistance, and we can quickly deliver you an updated, localized version of Dataplane with your additions.

To get involved, visit Translating Dataplane, or contact us directly.

New Features

  • Add Goal Lines and Area Annotations to Charts

  • Customize the Size, Orientation and Branding of PDF Exports

    • You can now customize the PDF export format for reports, even on a report-by-report basis. Select the page size, output in landscape orientation for wide tables, add header and footer text or custom stylesheets, and even apply your own corporate letterhead and project- or client-specific logos.

  • Customize Chart Series Order

    • For sharing metrics with clarity and for using Dataplane to replace legacy organization reports, you now have total control over data series order in stacked bar charts, in stacked area charts, and in chart legends. Using the power of Dataplane Customizer Scripts , customizing series ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Dataplane auf Deutsch

    • Dataplane is now available in German! No configuration changes are required—if your JIRA user profile is set to German, you can immediately start using Dataplane in your own language.

  • New Language Support

    • Dataplane now automatically supports any translations you have configured in JIRA for your own JIRA statuses, resolutions, priorities and issue types.
    • PDF exports now automatically select the ideal Asian-language output font for users whose JIRA user profile is set to Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Even if your users have other language profiles selected, you can also force a specific language selection for PDF exports.

    • To meet custom language needs, administrators can now optionally override the font used for rendering axes and labels in charts. To do this, JIRA administrators can add their own font file to a defined location in the JIRA data directory.


  • When report results are segmented, the chart legend is now always shown, even if only one segmentation is produced.
  • Better font rendering quality and alignment for chart axis and label text.
  • PDF layout improvements, including:
    • The page footer now includes the report name, the user who generated the report, and the report generation timestamp.
    • Tables now show column titles at both the top and bottom of every page.
  • Excel exports that include issue keys are now hyperlinked to the corresponding issue in JIRA.
  • Performance improvements for the "Search" dropdown on large instances. When configuring a report, the dropdown showing Projects, Categories and Filters is now searched and paged on the server, meaning significantly faster page load times for instances with large numbers of projects, categories or filters. (Typeahead searching now matches characters from only the beginning of individual words in project/category/filter names, rather than arbitrary substring matches.)
  • Major performance improvements when using MySQL with the Issue Values Snapshots Sum by Date Report.
  • Added additional database robustness for Microsoft SQL Server instances, including additional verification of database connections and transaction isolation levels.
  • Usability improvements for iOS/iPhone/iPad clients, including improvements to rendering of dashboard gadgets, making the Run Report button more sensitive to touches, and ensuring that the keyboard only opens when it is required.

Security Updates

  • This release fixes a number of XSS vulnerabilities. Arsenale wishes to thank Christian Fischer at SCHUTZWERK GmbH for identifying these issues.


  • Added proper encoding of filenames when downloading PDF, CSV and Excel exports from reports with non-ASCII titles.
  • Fixed a bug in the Issues Entering Status by Date report where charted dates could be incorrect under certain conditions.
  • Improved layout of category names on the axis of current-value reports, in which long category names would previously overlap the chart axis.
  • Fixed the display and background colors of tabular Dataplane reports in JIRA dashboard's wallboard mode.
  • Fixed PDF exports on instances using self-signed SSL certificates, which caused the charts to fail to render properly, and which caused the reports to be generated without styling.
  • Fixed the editing of an existing, saved gadget in Confluence, in which the Save button was sometimes positioned below the bottom of the gadget area.

  • Fixed the double encoding of the ampersand symbol ("&") in report page titles.
  • Fixed bug in generating multi-pie charts where multiple series with the same name would overwrite each other's values.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue between Dataplane and the META-INF Bug Watcher plugin  that prevented correct installation of Dataplane, resulting in HTTP 500 errors when trying to access Dataplane within JIRA.
  • Clicking back to the Configuration tab while a pending report is running now correctly cancels the report.
  • Fixed errors when trying to use a JQL statement statement that included "ASC" or "DESC" in the "ORDER BY" clause.
  • Scripted Field-type custom fields now work properly for segmentation in the Time in Status Report,  the Time from Status to Status Report, and the Pivot Table Report.

Upgrading from Dataplane 1.8 or Lower

Because of a bug (UPM-4565) in the Atlassian Add-On Manager (UPM), JIRA stopped earlier versions of Dataplane (1.8 and below) from running upon license maintenance expiration, rather than properly allowing for perpetual use. We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you are upgrading from Dataplane 1.8 or lower, you must apply one of the following steps in order to upgrade to this release of Dataplane.

If you previously upgraded to Dataplane 1.9 or later, these special instructions do not apply and you may upgrade as normal.

Choose one of the following two options. Either:

  • Option 1: restart JIRA. You need not restart JIRA immediately, but you must restart JIRA prior to your Dataplane maintenance expiration date.
  • Option 2: remove and reinstall your Dataplane license. This will correct the licensing condition immediately. To do this, follow these steps in the JIRA Administration section in the Add-On Manager:

    1. Click the "pencil" icon next to the License Key text box to edit your existing license.
    2. Copy the Dataplane license string from the License Key text box to a temporary text file.

    3. Delete your license string so that the License key text box is empty, and click Update.

    4. Paste your Dataplane license back into the text box, and click Update to apply it.
    5. Verify the License Status field shows your license is now "Valid".

If you have any problems addressing this issue, please contact us for help.


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