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Backport to address a critical security-rated security issue.

March 8, 2016

Security Updates

  • Corrected a critical-rated remote code execution vulnerability. To successfully exploit the issue, the user must have been authenticated against JIRA and granted access to both Dataplane and Dataplane Customizer Scripts. Please contact Arsenale Support with any questions, or see the Dataplane Security Notice 2016-03-09 for full details.



New reports, new JIRA dashboard gadget options and a powerful new report customization framework using Groovy-based scripts.

September 2, 2014

Important Notes

  • A bug discovered in the Atlassian Add-On Manager (UPM) stops earlier releases of Dataplane from running upon license maintenance expiration, rather than properly allowing for perpetual use. This release contains a patch to work around that issue. See the Installation Instructions below for important steps.
  • Upgrading to this version from a prior version of Dataplane will force a full Dataplane reindex upon installation.

New Features

  • New Reports

    • Pivot Table Report – for any two JIRA fields and a selected group of issues, this report builds a two-dimensional table showing the number of issues matching every possible combination of values between the two JIRA fields.
    • Time in Status Report – this report displays the average length of time issues spent within different statuses or groups of statuses.
    • Issues Entering Status by Date Report – this report shows how many issues entered different statuses, or groups of statuses, within the selected date range, such as tracking the cumulative number of issues opened, resolved and closed over a given period.
  • New JIRA Dashboard Gadget Options
    • The Dataplane dashboard gadget can now also display table-based reports – such as the Issues Table Report and Issue Worklog Table Report.
    • Configure dashboard gadgets to show a report's chart, its data table, or both the chart and data table.
  • Introducing Customizer Scripts

    • Dataplane Customizer Scripts allow you to programmatically customize reports right from the report configuration page using the power and flexibility of the Groovy dynamic scripting language. Using simple syntax – accessible even to casual users – easily change chart series names and colors, modify chart axes ranges and scales, and more to create the most effective visualization for your organization. Customizer Scripts provide a whole new dimension of flexibility in generating the reports that you need.
  • New JIRA Fields Support
    • Dataplane can now report on all built-in and 3rd party add-on custom fields that JIRA identifies as being "stattable".  For an index of all the JIRA fields supported by Dataplane, see the Supported Jira Fields documentation.
  • Additional Features
    • Added the ability to drill through from the Project Links Report table to display the underlying issues in the JIRA Issue Navigator.
    • Added support for SQL Server 2012.


  • JQL "ORDER BY" clauses are now ignored rather than generating an error.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException that would occur when the report results contained a Priority or Status column but some of the underlying issues were from projects that did not include the priority or status field.
  • Fixed a JIRA Data Center concurrency issue in MySQL instances where non-unique keys could be generated for temporary tables.

Installation Instructions

Because of a bug (UPM-4565) in the Atlassian Add-On Manager (UPM), JIRA will stop Dataplane from running upon license maintenance expiration, rather than properly allowing for perpetual use. We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you are running Dataplane 1.8 and lower, you must apply one of the following steps in order to upgrade to Dataplane 2.0. If you have previously upgraded to Dataplane 1.9, these instructions do not apply and you may upgrade to Dataplane 2.0 normally.

Choose one of the following two options. Either:

  • restart JIRA. You need not restart JIRA immediately, but you must restart JIRA prior to your Dataplane maintenance expiration date.
  • remove and reinstall your Dataplane license. This will correct the licensing condition immediately. To do this, follow these steps in the JIRA Administration section in the Add-On Manager:

    1. Click the "pencil" icon next to the License Key text box to edit your existing license.
    2. Copy the Dataplane license string from the License Key text box to a temporary text file.

    3. Delete your license string so that the License key text box is empty, and click Update.

    4. Paste your Dataplane license back into the text box, and click Update to apply it.
    5. Verify the License Status field shows your license is now "Valid".

If you have any problems addressing this issue, please contact us for help.


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