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Support for JIRA 6.3, JIRA Data Center and Java 8. Plus an important licensing fix.

July 16, 2014

Important Notes

  • A bug discovered in the Atlassian Add-On Manager (UPM) stops earlier releases of Dataplane from running upon license maintenance expiration, rather than properly allowing for perpetual use. This release contains a patch to work around that issue. See the Installation Instructions below for important steps.
  • Upgrading to this version from a prior version of Dataplane will force a full Dataplane reindex upon installation.

New Features

  • added support for JIRA 6.3
  • added support for JIRA Data Center
  • added support for Java 8 (JIRA 6.3+ only)
  • hovering over recent report entries in the main Dataplane menu now displays a tooltip with the full, non-truncated report name


  • added workaround for a bug in the Atlassian Add-On Manager (UPM) (UPM-4565). This gets around a problem where JIRA would stop Dataplane from running upon license maintenance expiration, rather than properly allowing for perpetual use.
  • fixed an issue where an out-of-order Issue Created Event (generated by JIRA or another plugin) could cause an issue's state to be double-counted in the Dataplane index on the day the issue was created.
  • fixed an issue where chart tooltips would display the incorrect month or day if the user's configured time zone was set ahead of the server-default time zone.
  • fixed a NullPointerException error when trying to run a report involving the Priority or Status of issues that did not have any Priority or Status values defined.
  • when JIRA is accessed using HTTPS and Internet Explorer 8 (only), downloading PDF/CSV/XLS exports now works without producing client-side errors.
  • the "gg" administrator key shortcut now works from within all Dataplane pages.
  • Dataplane no longer reports errors on the report configuration page when the user opens a JIRA administration page in another browser tab at the same time as running a Dataplane report.
  • in report configurations, Dataplane now correctly ignores "ORDER BY" JQL clauses in manually-entered JQL statements.
  • the "Syntax Help" link in the JQL autocomplete drop down menu now links to the correct page.
  • fixed OSGi-related exceptions that appeared in the log during JIRA shutdown.

Additional Changes

  • dropped support for JIRA 5.0.x, in keeping with Atlassian's July 1, 2014 End of Life date for that version. This Dataplane release, and all future Dataplane releases, will no longer be tested against JIRA 5.0.x.

Installation Instructions

Because of a bug (UPM-4565) in the Atlassian Add-On Manager (UPM), JIRA will stop Dataplane from running upon license maintenance expiration, rather than properly allowing for perpetual use. We apologize for this inconvenience.

To fix this, after installing this release, you must apply one of the following steps.

Choose one of the following two options. Either:

  • restart JIRA. You need not restart JIRA immediately, but you must restart JIRA prior to your Dataplane maintenance expiration date.
  • remove and reinstall your Dataplane license. This will correct the licensing condition immediately. To do this, follow these steps in the JIRA Administration section in the Add-On Manager:

    1. Click the "pencil" icon next to the License Key text box to edit your existing license.
    2. Copy the Dataplane license string from the License Key text box to a temporary text file.

    3. Delete your license string so that the License key text box is empty, and click Update.

    4. Paste your Dataplane license back into the text box, and click Update to apply it.
    5. Verify the License Status field shows your license is now "Valid".

If you have any problems addressing this issue, please contact us for help.


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