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Support for Scripted Fields, nFeed fields, and the JIRA 6.2 creator field

April 3, 2014

Important Note

Upgrading to this version from a version prior to Dataplane 1.6 will force a full Dataplane reindex upon installation.

If upgrading to this version from Dataplane 1.6+, a full Dataplane reindex is not needed or performed upon installation. A Dataplane reindex is not necessary to take advantage of the new Script Runner and nFeed field support.

New Features

  • added support for nFeed fields, which can now be used for segmentation in most reports.
  • added support for Script Runner's scripted fields, which can now be used for segmentation in most reports.

    In addition, by configuring the scripted field's searcher to use the "Date Time Range Picker", scripted fields can also be used as the Date Basis in historical reports. If the scripted field is configured with a "Number Searcher" or "Number Range Searcher", the field can also be summed as the Issue Field in any report that uses numeric values, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities for performing issue-based calculations.

    If you add a new scripted or nFeed field and/or change their definitions, you will generally need to perform a JIRA reindex in order for the data to become accessible to Dataplane (or to other parts of JIRA). You will also need to click Dataplane -> Administration -> Sync Index (which is normally very fast and which does not impact Dataplane usage) to ensure that the field is made visible in Dataplane reports.

  • added support for the Creator field in JIRA 6.2.
  • the issue drill-through feature has graduated from Dataplane Labs and it is now available to all users.
  • aggregate statistics (average, minimum and maximum) are now available in the Issue Values by Date report (and enabled by default).


  • fixed a bug with the cascading select field that could cause results not to be returned for MySQL, or to double-count issues when using other databases
  • the sum of historical fields are now properly displayed with decimal digits instead of being truncated to integers
  • corrected a JVM cold start compatibility problem between Dataplane 1.6.1 and Script Runner, in which a Script Runner error (GRV-338) could cascade and prevent Dataplane from populating its own list of accessible custom fields.
  • corrected some minor UI issues with gadget rendering in JIRA 6.2 (particularly with IE8)
  • fixed the encoding of gadget titles that contained doubly-escaped characters
  • fixed the "Do you want to log in?" warnings shown when rendering Dataplane gadgets in Confluence 5.2+
  • corrected an issue where the aggregate statistics for a chart did not take the segmentation and chart rendering format into account, which yielded statistics that did not correspond to the user's view of the data
  • fixed a further issue where a report shared with a mixed-case user group would not be accessible by members of that group

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