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First commercial release. Available now, with a free 30-day trial or for purchase, from Atlassian Marketplace. For a limited time only, get 40% off the regular price.

July 1, 2013

First commercial release of Arsenale Dataplane. Available, with a free 30-day trial or for purchase, from Atlassian Marketplace.

The last Dataplane beta (v1.2.1) will continue to work through July 31st, 2013. To continue using Arsenale Dataplane after that date, install the commercial release (v1.3 or higher) which comes with a free 30-day trial.

New Features

  • JIRA dashboard gadgets: display Dataplane reports as gadgets on your existing JIRA dashboards. Available now as a Dataplane Labs beta feature. To enable this optional feature, turn on "Dashboard Gadgets" from the Dataplane->Configuration admin page. The following reports are currently available as gadgets: all date-based chart reports. Gadgets support for Issues Table, Issues Work Log and Current and Sum Numeric Value chart reports is not yet included, but will be added in a subsequent release.
  • New Reports directory report lists: the Reports directory now has separate tabs and reports lists for reports created by you, reports created by others and shared with you, and for all Dataplane reports accessible to you.
  • Licensed through Atlassian Marketplace

Additional Improvements

  • Updated design of the Reports directory to integrate seamlessly with JIRA 6 styling.
  • Exported report files now take their name from the name of the report and the current date and time.
  • Added Dataplane version and license information to the Configuration page.
  • Sum Numeric Field Report's generated description now includes the selected statuses.


  • Fixed report layout issue for Issues Table, Issues Work Log and Project Links Reports. With a wide browser window, the report summary text was laid out to the right of the section heading instead of below it.
  • Fixed chart tooltips hover issue. When mousing over chart tooltips, the tooltips would disappear after a very short delay, even if the mouse wasn't moved.
  • Fixed error when trying to run the Issues Work Log report with default settings when the JIRA database is Microsoft SQL Server. Report generation would fail with error "Could not perform query due to database error: java.sql.SQLException: A column has been specified more than once in the order by list".

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