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Atlassian's Confluence and Jira products, and development tools, are used by over 40,000 customers to track, collaborate, code, and ship products—smarter and faster. Since 2009, Arsenale has built products and services around Atlassian's world-class suite of enterprise software.



Product Resale and Implementation Partners

If you wish to work with a local partner in your evaluation and rollout of Arsenale products, please contact one of our key resale partners.



CalmWare is one of the largest Atlassian partners in Belgium. We have customers in all kinds of sectors, with our expertise ranging from configuration, installation, training, custom development, hosting, and monitoring of all Atlassian tools.


New Zealand, Australia

Catch Software

Catch Software is an award-winning software company that makes test management software, execution and integration tools for QA professionals. Having evolved from a consulting company, we retain these roots and offer training and consulting services around Enterprise Tester, the full Atlassian stack and additional partner products. We work with organizations to reduce corporate risk, through good project governance and integrated end-to-end toolset solutions, which starts and ends with the QA team.




As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, catWorkX provides the highest level of expertise in JIRA, Confluence and other Atlassian products. We offer software licenses for all the Atlassian products and develop our own plugins for JIRA and Confluence. Our range of services also includes Atlassian workshops, system analysis, process consulting, customization, installation and configuration, system integration, service and support.


United Kingdom, United States

Clearvision CM

Clearvision is an innovative software services company with offices in the UK, Philadelphia, Dublin, and Bangalore. An Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision has been servicing enterprises globally since 2005, supporting digital transformations and providing consultancy, training, support, and hosting for JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence, and the entire range of Atlassian products.


Austria, Germany


Communardo Software is an Atlassian Premier Partner and a leading specialist for enterprise 2.0 software solutions. Communardo provides licensing of Atlassian products, consulting, software engineering, support and training services as well as application management.


United States

Fringe Technology

Fringe Technology is a full-service Atlassian Expert. We help organizations learn how the right balance of collaboration, communication, process and tools will dramatically improve their product and system quality and energize their teams. We are dedicated to providing not only the right solution for your organization, but also in teaching you to use it to your full advantage.


United States, Italy


Herzum is an international consulting group with focus on innovation and agility. An Atlassian Expert since 2005, we help customers succeed with big or small Atlassian adoptions, from installation to complex customizations. Experts with both the tools and with development and Atlassian best practices.


Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France


iDalko is a Platinum Expert fully dedicated to the complete Atlassian product suite and its add-ons. We have a proven track record of serving our customers in getting the best out of their Atlassian environment and adapt it to their needs and way of working. Our professional services include everything from installation and configuration to advice, coaching, training, custom development and license management. Together with your team, we plan a roadmap for your Atlassian platform and make it really work!



K15t Software

Over 5000 organizations around the world use K15t Software’s solutions to enhance and expand the collaboration and content management capabilities of their Atlassian products. The Scroll Add-ons for Confluence let teams author and manage content and documentation together, while Backbone Issue Sync for JIRA enables collaboration across departmental and B2B boundaries. As an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, K15t helps clients run Atlassian products for over 100,000 users around the world.




Kepler-Rominfo is one of the leading Romanian IT companies, providing software services, solutions and products to an ever increasing number of customers worldwide. We specialize in best practice-based implementations of business and technical processes in JIRA, as well as custom plugin development for Atlassian products.


United States

Mumo Systems

Mumo Systems offers Software Product Line Automation consulting services in Software Configuration and Build Release Management as well as Quality and performance testing. Our services help clients streamline software building, releasing, deploying, bug tracking, performance testing and quality testing.


Germany, Poland


NetworkedAssets is a software and consulting company based in Berlin and Wrocław. Our focus is the design, development and integration of machine-related processes for telecommunications and utilities. Atlassian and Arsenale products are our "weapon of choice" for project management and development organization.


Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

Pix Software GmbH

Pix Software, founded in 1992, was awarded as one of the most successful Atlassian Partners in 2003. This legacy of excellence continues today with Pix as an 'Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner'—a designation granted to a small number of Atlassian Partners who have been audited to prove their in-depth Atlassian product competence. As a full-service provider we offer experienced consulting, licensing and maintenance renewals for all Atlassian products, training and seminars, service and support, development of customer-specific themes and plug-ins, and hosting that is certified according to German data protection standard DS-BvD-GDD-01 and complies with European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). Pix Software GmbH has 30 employees dedicated to helping customers improve their project management and finding customer-specific solutions to optimize collaboration and knowledge management.


United States

Praecipio Consulting

Praecipio Consulting applies best practices, process design principles and proven methods to implement best-in-class Atlassian product suite solutions.



Ricksoft Inc.

Ricksoft Inc. is an Atlassian Platnum Expert, providing customers with professional services covering Atlassian product implementation, virtualization usage, large instance deployment, plugin development and performance tuning.




Scandio is a Munich-based German IT company. With more than 20 consultants, Scandio supports large and medium international companies. We combine consulting and development skills for content management systems and knowledge management systems. Scandio also provides services and know how for search engine technologies.


Germany, United States


With our 80 employees in Wiesbaden (Germany), San Diego (USA), and Melbourne (Australia), //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of Atlassian's biggest partners worldwide. We offer the full range of professional Atlassian services and do agile software development. Learn from hundreds of videos, tutorials, demos, blog posts and checklists. We’re here to help you.


Ukraine, Russian Federation


Softlist was founded in 2004 in Kiev. We are an Atlassian Expert specializing in software reselling, customization and deployment, professional consulting and integration.


Russian Federation


Working with all countries of the CIS, Teamlead are experts in implementation and support of Atlassian and Arsenale products, and provide professional localization for their interfaces.


France, Switzerland, United Kingdom,
Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg


At Valiantys, we empower teams and enterprises to transform the way they work with the most powerful Agile tools on the market—the Atlassian suite. As a Platinum Atlassian Expert operating across France, the UK, Switzerland and North America, we've helped over 2,200 enterprises optimize project management and collaboration with JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence and more.



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